Pilates focuses on core work which strengthens the back and shapes the abdominals while providing maximum flexibility. Additionally, Pilates Reformer is an excellent supplement for rehabilitation and can increase your performance in any sport at any age. 

Fees per Monthly Session

  • Members – $40 Monthly* 
  • Non-Members – $60 Monthly*


*Includes one class per week, $5 Multi-Class discount available. 

Pre-registration and payment is required for all Pilates Reformer classes. Open registration is from the 15th of the prior month to the 5th of the class session month. After the 5th of the month, sign ups will be charged the drop in rate for all classes ($15 for Members and $20 for Non-Members) 

Classes are limited to 5 participants – allowing for more personal
instruction. Payment is required for monthly reservation of selected

We are proud to introduce 4 new Pilates Reformer Instructors to our YMCA! Please meet Erin, Kathleen, Angela, and Ana! 

FOR AVAILABILITY AND TO ARRANGE YOUR FREE TRIAL SESSION: Contact Tressa Everett at teverett@ymcatreasurecoast.org.

Our schedule offers classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students. 


8:30AM (Adv) w/ Jan

9:15am (Beg) w/ Jan

10:45am (Adv) w/ Jan

5:45pm (Beg) w/ Angela

7:00pm (Beg) w/ Ana


8:00am (Beg) w/ Kathleen

8:45am Pulse w/ Kathleen


8:30am (Int) w/ Jan

9:15am (Int) w/ Jan

10:00am (Beg) w/ Jan

5:45pm Pulse w/ Angela

7:00pm Pulse w/ Ana


8:00am (Int) w/ Connie

9:00am (Int) w/ Connie


8:30am Piloga (Int/Adv) w/ Jan

9:15am Pluse (Int/Adv) w/ Jan

Contact Wellness Director