2023 Winner

The 2023 Easter House Winner, Maria Avila, from Port St. Lucie, first bought YMCA Easter House tickets through a Facebook advertisement 3 years ago and has been buying tickets ever since. “Third-time is a charm”, she says. Winning the Easter House has been life-changing for Maria and her family. She was living with her parents while going back to college to become a Medical Lab Technician. So, becoming a first-time homeowner was not something she thought would be possible for herself anywhere in the near future. And now, the best part is, she is paying it forward by having some of her family members move in with her! She wants everyone who is thinking about buying Easter House tickets this year to know to “give yourself a chance to be the next winner because luck might just land on you next!”

2022 Winner

Our 2022 Easter House winner, Richard Kefauver, has been buying tickets since he first moved to Stuart in 2004. He has since then relocated to Maryland where he has been raising his two grandchildren on his own after the tragic loss of his daughter. Richard would have loved to move back to Florida, but he decided to take the alternative cash prize to support his family! His granddaughter is a freshman in college studying Early Childhood Education while working at a childhood development center with preschool-aged children. And his grandson is an honors student that has been accepted into the Barbara Ingram School for gifted art students in high school. We wish them all the best!

2021 Winner

Our 2021 winner, Theresa Marett, has dreamt of winning the Easter House since she was a teenage! Every year her parents would buy tickets and they would tour the Easter House with her 8 siblings dreaming which room would be theirs. She and her siblings continued the tradition for 30 years, teasing each other each year about who was going to win. So of coarse when she finally got the call that she had won she didn’t believe it and thought her siblings were playing a prank on her!