YMCA of the Treasure Coast is excited to offer a free YMCA membership to all students in (or entering) 8th grade! The goal of the 8th Grade Membership is to inspire youth to discover their passions, develop a healthy lifestyle, and gain the assets needed to avoid risky behaviors and succeed in school and life.

The membership begins when all paperwork and orientations are completed, and it is valid through the end of the current school year. 8th Grade Membership is subject to all existing membership and program policies, as well as the additional policies contained in this document. Membership may be suspended or revoked if YMCA rules or policies are violated.


To receive a membership, each 8th grader must:

• Visit YMCA of the Treasure Coast with a parent or guardian.
• Present a valid report card indicating the student is currently in 8th grade (or final 7th grade report card).
• Complete the YMCA Membership Application.
• Complete and sign the 8th Grade Membership Agreement (attached).
• Complete a Fitness Center Orientation (to be scheduled at the time of registration).

• 8th Grade Members are permitted in the YMCA facility during regular operating hours, for a maximum of 2 hours at a time.
• 8th grade membership does not include guest passes.
• Membership barcode must be presented and scanned to access the facility. There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost cards.
• 8th Grade Members must report directly to the Fitness Center after scanning in to obtain a wristband.
• 8th Grade Members are required to be actively engaged in a fitness activity while at the YMCA.
• Membership hours and activities are subject to change at any time.

• 8th Grade Members are encouraged to volunteer at the Y. All 8th Grade Volunteers will be given service-learning opportunities and healthy living information. Volunteer opportunities may vary based on age at the time of the service opportunity.

2024 / 2025 – 8th Graders can register as early as June 1, 2024! 

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