The YMCA is dedicated to supporting all families as they work to create healthier lifestyles for themselves and all of their loved ones. Check out these five easy ways you can create a healthier household today!

1. Eat Healthy

As you gather for meals, be mindful of the nutritional choices you make. The Y encourages a well- balanced diet, and you can get started with small, gradual changes! Check out this USDA healthy eating tip sheet, which is a great starting point towards planning healthier meals for your family.

2. Daily Play

Put down the electronics and find time to play! Children need varying levels of physical activity each day depending on their age, so be sure to encourage play time. And when in doubt, the Y is here to help – we offer a wide variety of youth sports, fitness programs and more for the entire family. 

3. Together Time

Relationships are the heart of a healthy family. Prioritize quality time together – whether that’s catching up over dinner, playing a board game or chatting about your day while out for a family stroll. These shared moments are what keep your relationship strong.

4. Get Outdoors

Great things happen in the great outdoors – make your time outside a family affair! Unplugging and enjoying nature is good for the body and mind. Make time for family park trips, hikes or simply take your furry four-legged friend on a walk together.

5. Prioritize Sleep

After all of this physical activity and mental stimulation – remember to get some well-deserved rest! Getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial both physically and mentally. Make sure you and all the members of your family are getting the recommended amount of sleep each night.