That’s right, Membership for only $1!  Sounds too good to be true, but lucky for you – it’s really happening!  Come in on October 1st and pay just $1!  Come in on October 2nd, pay $2; October 3rd, $3.  The longer you wait the more you pay . . . Although paying just $1 is the deal of the century, this deal is still good as late as October 20th.  Paying even $20 on the 2oth means you still save getting started!

At the Y, Membership is so much more than just a gym and swim.  It’s more than classes and treadmills.  It’s a community of relationships….We are a family, supporting each other on a journey of healthy and wellness.  We want to connect with you!  We hope that you will take advantage of that savings that are offered in October to help get you started!

Your hard earned $1 (or $2 or $3 if you wait too long) is all you pay for the entire month of membership for the rest of October AND we will waive your join fee!  You will be required to sign up for membership draft, but there is still no contract. Call the branch for more info, or stop by on October 1st and we will get you started on a path of Healthy Living for you and your family!

This special is available for memberships at both our STUART and INDIANTOWN branches!